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09/10/2009 12:12:16
Re: sick leave and hospitalisation

A staff who joined our company 3 years ago, encounters the following situation:

His entitlement to sick leave would be:-
situation 1:
sick leave 18 days
hospitalisation 42 days

situation 2:
sick leave 18 days
hospitalisation 60days

Which one is correct ? situation 1 or situation 2.

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KL Siew
09/10/2009 14:01:56
Both ordinary sick leave and hospitalisation taken together, the total number of days should not be more than 60 days. So, situation 1 is in a way correct.

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14/10/2009 18:15:25
A staff join our company almost 2 years, accident(hand broken) now rest in home, no more sick leave to take.

shall the company need to pay his salary?
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