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08/10/2009 11:08:57
Re: Public Holiday

Staff contract condition:
1. Public Holiday
If a public holiday falls on a rest-day or day-off or weekend, then there is a roll-over policy of the holiday to an alternative day-off, and so the next working day following that rest-day or day-off shall become the paid public holiday.

The Employee shall be obliged to do shift work, night-work and to work on holidays, and the weekly rest-day or day-off according to the operational requirements of the Company.
It is recognised that all Employees may on occasions be requested to work additional hours beyond 40.0 working hours (excluding breaks) per week as overtime or extra work. An Employee, if requested to work overtime, shall as far as possible cooperate with the requests of the Company for such overtime work.

Overtime will normally be compensated for by time-off-in-lieu on an hour-for-hour basis, or by overtime payments at the sole discretion of the Company as follows, if the work undertaken is at the request of the Company with prior written approval by the Company:

150% of normal hourly rate for overtime to extend a normal working day.
200% of normal hourly rate for overtime on a rest-day or day-off.
300% of normal hourly rate for overtime on a public holiday.

1. For period 14-20 Sep 09, working hours 40 hours per week
2. On 20Sep09, is rest day and is requested by Co to work and also a Public Holiday.
3.On 21Sep 09 is my rest day and also required by Co to work and also a Public Holiday.
4. For period 21-27 Sep 09, working hours 40 hours per week.

Question :
1. Am i entitle for rest day overtime rate @200% on the day that i work on 20 Sep 09 or PH rate @ 300% or PH pay ? I have compelete with 40hrs per week.

2. If refer to staff contract, if PH is falls on the rest day then the following working day shall become a paid PH. On 20 & 21 Sep is my rest day ,PH will roll over to 22 & 23 Sep 09, so am i getting PH pay (2 times of normal wages) or 300% hourly pay? Total no of hours work for period 21-27 Sep 09 is 40hours per week.


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KL Siew
08/10/2009 13:37:44
1. Since you worked on a rest day on 20/9, your overtime (after 8 hours of normal work) should be 2 times.

2. I don't understand why it should go up to 23/9. Since 21/9 was your another rest day, the PH that fell on 20/9 should be replaced on 22/9, that's all.
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09/10/2009 11:06:40
1. As per contract overtime work on rest day should be 2 times of normal rate

2. 21.09.09 also my rest day , PH isnt it roll over to 23.09.09
and i would like to know what wil be my entitlement.
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KL Siew
09/10/2009 12:22:28
Just like you, I also don't know what is your entitlement for 23/9. Discuss it with your HR.
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