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07/10/2009 15:58:47
Re: Lateness Penalty

Hi guys, need ur advise on this. Is there any act @ law regards to the penalty of lateness? if we deduct annual leave @ salary if the staff late to work, is there any implication on that? TQ
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KL Siew
07/10/2009 20:06:34
Lateness for work especially those who are always late, is a disciplinary matter. Although there is no mention of penalty for lateness in the Employment Act, the employer can make use of Section 14 of the Act to mete out punishment after having held a domestic inquiry into the matter.
Again, if the company has written policy imposing penalty for lateness for work and everyone knows about it, the workers then cannot blame the company for deducting their annual leave or salary if they choose to ignore the policy and don't want to play by the rules.
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