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06/10/2009 16:13:26
Re: EPF deduction, but not bank in to my EPF account

My company every month did deduct my salary for EPF and the deduction also indicated in every monthly of my pay slip. But when i checked my EPF account at KWSP and notice that, my company actually did not bank in since last year November until now. I did raise this to my company, but according to them they unable to bank in because company attach the court case, and request us to give them time to settle court case.

I did face some doubt on above:
1) Should i raise the complaint to KWSP?
2) how about the interest, did my company should pay back to us?
3) If company claim to close down. Did they still will able to pay me back?

What should I do since company never give us black and white on above… and if their court case take a few years?
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KL Siew
06/10/2009 16:32:19
Whatever it is, you better complain to the EPF.
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