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05/10/2009 21:12:35
Re: Termination Of Service during Probation Period


My probation period will be expired by 13th October 2009. Company had decided to terminate my service and serving me 7 days notice as required in my employment contract will effect from 3rd October. Can they terminate my service with the reason I am not suitable to the work without any warning letter before? Do they need to follow the principle of "last in first out (LIFO)" on new staff?

My last day with the company shall be on 9th October 2009 but they told me that I can leave earlier before the date. So, I had to leave the company this afternoon. Can they do so? How long must the company take to pay my salary?

Can I go to Labour Office to sue them or ask for reinstatement under Section (20) ?

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KL Siew
06/10/2009 09:32:57
Your choice but I think section 20 is more suitable for you.
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