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05/10/2009 19:38:34
Re: work on PH calculation

For example an employee who work on 2 public holidays and his / her monthly salary is RM 650.00, the calculation will be:

650 / 26 days = RM 25 per day
25 x 2.0 rate = RM 50 per day if he / she worked on any single public holiday.

And since he / she worked on two public holidays so they entitle to additional RM 100 for the month (RM 650 + RM 100 = RM750).

Is the calculation above correct?
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05/10/2009 19:50:28
or in other words he / she receives free two days salary at the rate of 2.0 IN ADDITION to the RM 25 they get for working on the two holidays.
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KL Siew
05/10/2009 20:47:00
Yes, that's correct.
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