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01/10/2009 21:19:01
Re: Offer Letter- Terminated before commence date of work

I was signed an offer letter/ contract of service on 5th Oct and my commence date of work is on 15th Nov.

If I would like to terminate this contract of serivce before commence date of work, what is the consequence for me? Do I need to compensate any amount to the Company.

Referring to the contract under acceptance clause, in the event of your failure to report on the said date, the company reserves the right to claim from you, in any manner deems appropriate, a sum of RMxxxx being expenses incurred in the recuitment and arrangement process.

Pls advice!
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KL Siew
02/10/2009 10:58:56
Just inform the company that you are unable to accept the appointment. Give a call and then follow up with a letter. Do not offer to pay. Let them take action if they want.
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25/06/2011 22:25:11
I was signed an offer letter at company A, the letter stated my posted, wages, starting date, NRIC and etc. Unfortunately, after few days i receive a better offer from company B. Is that a binding contract between me and company A. what should I do? please advise.thank you.
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