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29/09/2009 13:58:17
Re: Last in First Out

We have 3 main areas of revenue generation at our company - ticket sales, gift shop and Cafe. The Cafe, due to ill profitability, will be leased out to an independent operator.

There are 2 permanent staff at Cafe. I can absorb/ transfer one of them (long serving) the other one has been the shortest with us and I can not transfer her anywhere else.

Am I able to practice the 'last in first out rule' and do I still need to pay benefits i.e. salary x 12mths/365 x yrs of service

or should I try to absorb her into a different dept? she also happens to be the 'weakest' member of staff - warning letters, sloppy attitude etc.
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KL Siew
29/09/2009 18:43:17
1. Yes, you are liable to pay termination benefit if you are to going terminate her service. The formula should be .....x number of days(10, 15 or 20) x yrs of service.

2. If you think you can absorb her, discuss with her.
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