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04/02/2009 20:49:16
Re: Resignation during probation

I've just started a new job for 2 days but i'm not happy. I'm planning to resign... my appointment letter does not state the notice period during probation. It states that the company can terminate without notice.

So my question is, does it apply on the employee to resign without notice?
Or is there a law that states the notice period during probation as it is not mentioned in the appointment letter?

I wish to leave within 24 hours because i've only been there for 2 days, and even if i give a longer notice i wouldn't have anything to do since i'm not trained yet.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.
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KL Siew
04/02/2009 22:16:24
Since it is stated that the company can terminate your service without notice, you can do the same.
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