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25/09/2009 17:49:36
Re: new staff on MC

I have one staff joined on 14/9/2009 . He did not turn up to work for 10 days continously. During that period we have not sent him any show cause letter , as we treated him as absconded as he did not called to inform during his absences. But on 24/10/2009 he report to work by showing us the MC. We have asked him to write a show cause. He admitted his mistake for not informing the company, but he appeal us to take him back. Prior to his joining to company, he has got appendix operation, and for that reason he has requested to change his joined date a week later. (The earlier date was 8/9/2009.) As he has known of his medical history, we felt that he should take good rest first before joining the company. So, in these case, if we consider his joined date as effective on 24/9/2009, because he has not attempt to inform us about his health condition. We will still paid his one day working which he came on 14/9. Will that acceptable?
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KL Siew
25/09/2009 21:47:44
Since he has appealed to you to take him back, ask him to write a letter to that effect and that he is willing to start on a new date. Just to put the record straight first.
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