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25/09/2009 17:24:14
Re: Contract term employment

My boss wants me to review the employment contract for the fixed term employee . He has been joining since 2006 and auto renewal on yearly basis as advisor with salary more than RM1500. I have some doubts in the employment contract :
(i) The employee is not entitle for annual leave . Is that acceptable?
(ii) Prolong ilness - is that acceptatble to set condition that if exceeding more than one week, company deserve the right to terminate the contract employee?
(iii) Can we transfer the contract employee, if found deem necessary

So far, the employee has accept and sign the employment contract.

Kindly advise. Thanks
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KL Siew
25/09/2009 21:42:37
Since he is not covered by the Employment Act, it looks like he has not negotiated for a good deal. If it were under the Employment Act, those terms would be null and void and have not effect.
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