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25/09/2009 16:04:25
Re: Maternity Leave

An employee is asked to come back to work on her last 3 days maternity leave.
Does the company needs to pay her back for the 3 days maternity leave? or in other words can the maternity leave be replaced back later?
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KL Siew
25/09/2009 16:09:26
Both parties can come to some understanding about that whether to be paid extra for the three days or to get three days replacement. No problem if both are agreeable.
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Jacey Tee
28/09/2009 14:56:38
I was employed by my company in May 2009, I informed the management and GM that I am 4 months pregnant at that time. The GM agreed to aceept it and promised to provide 2 months maternity allowance. I started to work for the company on 29/6/09.

Later I found that in the policy of the company, only female employee who services the company for at least 180 days is entitle for the maternity allowance. For this reason, my company refused to provide the maternity allowance.

I am now working for the company for more than 90 days and I never take any leave, in fact my probation period is fulfilled. my expected due date is on 22/10/09.

May I know am I entitle for the 2 month maternity allowance.

Thank you very much.

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KL Siew
28/09/2009 15:54:54
Under the Employment Act, it is 90 days.

If you are not covered by the Employment Act, meaning your salary is over RM1500, then I am not sure whether your company's policy is valid or not. Since your GM had specifically promissed you despite the policy, I hope there would be not problem.
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See Mun
14/10/2009 12:26:50
My company maternity leave is only 30 days. Is it written in the labour law?
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