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24/09/2009 15:30:03
Re: help.......... resignation

I tendered my resignation on last week (17/9/09), so, by default, my last day will be on 16/10/09, as i need to give month notice. After i checked with my HR, i was informed that i had 17 days of annual leave (up to september this year).

I wish to offset my leaves so that i can leave earlier, that is on today (24/9/09). However, today my HR just told me that it is company's policy for not to release me earlier. That means i have to work until next month.

I was so confuse, is there any written law that permits the company to do so to me (for not releasing me earlier)? Coz i've check from my appointment letter, nothing was written about it.

If i leave today (supposed today is my last day), what will happen to me? Can the company with hold my salary? Or will i face any lawsuit?

i need help urgently! Please!
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24/09/2009 23:22:12
What is the notice period for resignation stated on your letter of appointment? Are you sure you have 17 days annual leaves remain? If 1 month notice for resignation is stated on your letter of appointment and 17 days annual leaves are true, your employer will have to indemnify you with pro-rated salary for the extension of your working days... with your consent, or you have the rights to leave today. Let's ask your HR where is such policy prohibiting you from leaving earlier stated.
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25/09/2009 21:37:59
dear CK,

thanks for the reply!
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