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23/09/2009 19:17:18
Re: Resignation within 24 Hours

Dear Sir,

My family is doing on small business and they are in urgent need of people and require me to go back immediately but my contract with the current company is 2 months notice. But I can't wait that long and I don't have that much money to pay them as well. What action can they take upon me shall I leave anyway? If I were to be asked to pay back the wages, are transport allowence counted as well or just the basic salary amount?
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KL Siew
24/09/2009 12:37:28
If you cannot get your employer to waive the notice, you will have .to pay indemnity in lieu of notice if you leave immediately. Transport allowance may not be included as wages.
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29/09/2009 11:08:45
Thank you for you reply. How may I ask do I get the employer to waive the notice? Do they have to give me a letter or just by verbal?
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