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20/09/2009 00:52:31

i'm working in a very small event company which consist of only 2 staff (me n boss P.A) and also 2 part timers. lately our company is not doing very good so my boss had send an sms to me n his P.A to find another job and that we will be receiving our payment late and bit by bit as the company do not have any income. we were supposed to receive our salary on the last day of the working day of every month. which falls on the 28th of August 2009 for last month salary. but up until today the only salary we received was rm200 ringgit. i've been trying to push my boss for the payment as i need the money for hari raya and other expenses. but he keeps on saying that he does not have any money and that we have to wait until he receive the security deposit from event that we joined last month (which was supposed to be given back to us a week after the event. the event falls on 8th of August 2009). and for your infomation my salary is RM1500 plus RM60 of telephone allowance. the staff are not covered with any medical, insurance or epf/socso. can i make any complaint so that i can receive my salary? pls advice.

@KL Siew I don't see anything else you can do except to make a complaint at the Labour Department and start looking for another job.

@CK Yes. You can file a complaint at Labour Dept in order to recover your salary in arrears, but that will put your boss into a deep trouble as he is already having financial difficulty. Let's ask him to set a deadline in writing for the disbursement of the salary in arrears, or you will seek Labour Dept's help. As for EPF and SOCSO contribution that were not provided, let's consult KWSP and SOCSO

cont from the above statement n question. my boss did ask me n his p.a to find another job. twice. thru SMS. the first sms was sent end of last month and the second one, a few days ago. i did try to find a new job as i find this company n job is not secure enough for me. am i officially terminated? because i have send any resignation letter and he did not send any letter mentioning that i'm being terminated except for the sms asking me to find a new job.
i havent been really working since early of this month except for answering a few calls (handling our customer complaint) and also liaise with the event company that owe us money. am i eligible for this month salary?

@CK Yes. You are still under your boss' employment, until there is either a dismissal or resignation takes place. We should not assume that he asked you to look for other job means you are dismissed.

've asked my boss when can he give me my salary and he will either replied "i'm not sure" or he will just ignore my sms.i havent mention anything about complaining to the labour department. but i did sms asking for rm300 a few days ago and the rest by tuesday but he only bank in rm100 on friday. he also said that i'm threatening him. i dont know what else i can do.

@CK It is your boss' obligation to pay your salary for the service you render during the employment. If he keeps ignoring your sms, you may consult labour dept for their help to recover your salary in arrears.
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20/09/2009 01:04:42
I sms'd my boss again earlier this evening asking about my salary. n he replied "ur computation n deduction of salary is ready. i'll email u the payslip. need u to open epf n socso. remainder of salary will be deposited".
i was told by his p.a that she only receive total of rm600 from her rm1700 pay. boss told her that the remainder goes to epf n socso. is that possible? i havent check mine. i did not know regarding our company epf n socso only until today. it wasnt in my contract either (was inform by the p.a that the epf is registered on tuesday 15 august 2009). i do not know how many percentage of our salary will be cut off n the salary is our last month(august) salary. can he deduct it? isnt the deduction supposed to start from this month salary which we wont be getting as there's no work to do except answering calls from clients. but both parties havent send in any termination or resign letter. does he has the right to deduct that much of our last month which we havent receive fully until now for epf n socso. can we claim for this month salary as well? pls advice.
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20/09/2009 01:08:10
I'm sorry for all the long question. i just want to 'elak' going to labour department if possible but my boss is getting crazier and things are getting complicated
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KL Siew
20/09/2009 09:16:07
Yes, if you want to 'elak' going to the authorities, things are going to get more complicated. We can only tell how and where to get your problems solved but we cannot solve the problems for you here at the internet.
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