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19/09/2009 14:42:40
Re: Signed under duress - Last pay

My case is I have to leave the country before my last pay was made to me, and the company told me that they would only pay me in cash for the last pay, and a I NEED to sign the receipt in order to retrieve my pay. However, since that I would have been long gone (overseas) by then when they pay the employees, therefore a signature on the receipt and accepting cash will not be possible.
Then the Finance Manager(Sorry but HR has no authority in this case) told me that he would let me sign the receipt in advanced and he will credit the pay into my account later.
The problem is that the receipt he made me signed into it was BLANK!!! I questioned this and he says this is the only way and it is either "you signed it you get your pay later or you don't signed it you get nothing". I was outrageous by this, is that their right to retain my pay even though I cannot be physically there present and collect it? While they had previously bank in to my account?
And even so they are actually forcing me to sign such papers to acknowledge that I have received the pay which I DON"T! Furthermore it is BLANK, no date, no name, no amount, NOTHING! Is that kind of documents legal for I TOTALLY AGAINST it but had signed it under duress??
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KL Siew
20/09/2009 09:06:51
It should not be an issue at all in the first place. I really don't understand the hassle. Anyway, don't sign blank piece of paper. Isn't banking in a good proof of payment? Really beats me, I don't know. May be due to some bad feelings? Just tell them to bank in or you will sue for it when you come back.
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