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Ms Tan
17/09/2009 16:59:57
Re: Delay of Salary

Hi, I would like to ask, till now we yet to receive our salary for August 2009. Can we report this issue to labour office?

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KL Siew
17/09/2009 18:16:51
Yes, you can do that. If you are still working in the company and all the employees are not getting the salary on time, then the company may have financial problems. Try your best to solve pay problem amicably and only use the Labour Office as the last resort.
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18/09/2009 13:31:02
Try to find out first the problem why your salary is not yet given don't simply jump up to any move without considering the current situation of your company. Think of it, the economy now is not stable. Maybe your company have a problem in financial aspect like other company suffered. If you are willing to stay long in your job give a little bit of sacrifice. You can choose, have work with delay salary or no work at all?
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