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16/09/2009 14:31:24

I just want to ask if do I need to submit a resignation letter though my contract is ending and I have no plan to renew it?

In my contract it was stated there that I need to submit a 2 mos. notice if I resigned.
According to EA 1955 that an employee with 5yrs and below in service need to have a 1 mo notice, correct if im wrong.

And am I on the right track if i will not follow the contract..instead if 2 mos. i give 1 month notice only? my salary is below RM 1.5k.
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KL Siew
16/09/2009 17:03:48
If your contract is going to expire and you intend to work until the end of the contract period, the following section of the Employment Act may be applicable and by letting them know a month earlier is good enough as a matter of courtesy. If you intend to terminate the contract in the middle of the contract period, 2 months notice shall be given.

11. Provision as to termination of contracts.

(1) A contract of service for a specified period of time or for the performance of a specified piece of work shall, unless otherwise terminated in accordance with this Part, terminate when the period of time for which such contract was made has expired or when the piece of work specified in such contract has been completed.
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17/09/2009 08:45:40
Well explain KL Siew.

Thank you very much.
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18/09/2009 11:59:52
In the event of death to an employee, who has the right to his moneteries benefits ie; last salary, insurance etc if no nominees stated anywhere? Is it the children, widow or mother/family?
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18/09/2009 13:14:47
Correct me if im wrong.

As far as i know, the direct relative of the concern have the right to claim any monetary aspect. Direct relatives means if married... wife or husband, in absence of these the children can if they are in legal ages but if not it will under the custody of the parents and the parents have the right to claim. Next are the siblings.

Hope can help.
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