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16/09/2009 07:39:36
Re: annual leaves deduction because of standby..

hi, just need to check of 2 condition.

1. i am in scheduled standby, called to come, - i didnt go
2. i am not in schedule standby, but called to come. - i didnt go

both situation applied annual leave deduction, if didnt come.
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KL Siew
16/09/2009 09:33:13
I think the company should take disciplinary action against you for that.
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16/09/2009 10:24:57
ok.. that will b fine.

company have list of standby.

for 1st situation.. thats my mistake

hwbout 2nd situation? iam maybe outstation. iam not sure it is right to deduct AL.

what i knew,
standby we can still reject, but if scheduled, need to have valid reason
anual leaves - AL -i am entitled and has a price.

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KL Siew
16/09/2009 11:11:28
Yes, it is odd to deduct annual leave for that. If your contract of service requires you to be called up, then to me unless you have valid reasons, it is a disobeying of legitimate order or insubordination for which disciplinary action should be taken instead of deducting annual leave.
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