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14/09/2009 13:06:54
Re: Salary


My letter of empoloyment stated that my employment shall be commenced from 1/8/2009 although 1/8/09 and 2/8/09 are non working days for the Company. My boss agreed to pay me in full for the month of Aug. When I got my pay cheque, I noticed that HR Dept has deducted the 2 days from my pay. Do I have the right to claim back the 2 days salary from my Company?
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KL Siew
14/09/2009 16:50:45
Since it was stated that way in the appointment letter and was also confirmed by your boss, by right you should be paid from the 1st. Complain to the boss about this if he can be of any help and take up the matter with your HR.
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