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Kena Bully
14/09/2009 13:03:41
Re: 2 month notice contract


I have 1 one year contract.In the contract,it said either both party can terminate with 2 month notice.However,it does not mention payment in lieu.
Recently,I give 2 month notice with 1 month buyout.

The client that I work for said they have the right not to let me buyout 1 month.Reason they do not have sufficient manpower and need me for the new project.The new project havent start yet.They expect 2 month project to be completed in 2 week.

My question is whether the agency that I sign contract with can force me to work until 2 month even I offer 1 month buyout?
And also will they dont pay my last month salary?

Truly need your advice
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KL Siew
14/09/2009 16:44:54
What I would do is to give two months notice, at the end of the first month, after getting my salary , pay the company one month's salary in lieu of the second month short notice and say goodbye. But that's not a very nice way of doing things. Try to find a amicable way of resolving the issue before you go. Always come with goodwill and go with goodwill. I think yours is a small field where everyone knows everyone. Who knows, you people may meet again one day.
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Kena Bully
14/09/2009 17:30:40
KL Siew,

But I already give 2 month notice to them.I cant do what you suggest as above.

By the way, you forgot to answer my question :O)
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KL Siew
14/09/2009 18:02:05
Without knowing the type of contract you have entered with them, I dont see how they can force you. If they fail to pay your salary, you may complain to the Labour Department or sue them in court for it.
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Kena Bully
15/09/2009 14:52:29
Dear KL Siew,

Today they threaten me with below sentence

"I have also indicated that there is no salary-in-lieu in your contract agreement."

Please advice.
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