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13/09/2009 15:02:43
Re: Resignation_short notice


My sister in law will getting married on 23.9.2009 and she had getting a loan for the wedding from the company she is working. The repayment for the loan will be deducted from her monthly salary. Now the problam is she will getting married and have to move to other place. So, she need to resign. Can she give the company a short notice of resignation? If the company agreed with the short notice with requested her to settle the full loan before she resign, we are able to settle it. IF THE COMPANY IS NOT AGREED WITH A SHORT NOTICE WHAT WE SHOULD DO? SHE MUST RESIGN BEFORE 23.9.2009. Is there any rules can refer to in the Rules of employment Act? Your early reply is much apprecited.

Thank you.
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13/09/2009 23:07:07
I believe that your sister in law must be tied down by some loan agreement clauses. If she is asked to settle the loan before leaving the company (assume that it is as per loan agreement clauses), she will have to do it accordingly or is subject to a negotiation with the management.
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14/09/2009 13:55:19
Dear CK

Thanks for your reply. How if she didn't sign any agreement? Does she allowed to give 24 hours Notice or may be 1 week notice? She has working there about 9-10 yeras. How if in the confirmation letter have stated that she have to give 1month notice? If she give them 24 hour notice, is there any action will be taken against her?

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