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12/09/2009 17:17:40
Re: Appointment Letter & Confirmation Letter

I signed Appointment letter but company did not let me sign confirmation letter but anyway, i had worked more that 9 months, that's consider confirmed automatically?
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12/09/2009 23:18:14
Pls check your probation period stated on your letter of appointment. Although some companies do practise automatic confirmation after probation period, it is better to ask for a confirmation letter from your employer in order to safeguard yourself under the shelter of Labour Law.
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13/09/2009 14:18:17
I have worked with company for 4.5 years, there is no Letter of Appointment issued to me since the first day, but entitle to 14 days of annual leave and allow to accumulate the annual leave. I have tendered my resignation on 24.8.09 by giving one month notice effective from 1.9.09 and I have used my annual leave to cover. I have 39 days of annual leave on hand. Now company refused to pay me September salary. They have approached labour Dept and labour Dept inform me
that I have to give 6 weeks notice = 42 days, which means that company
still have to pay me 36 days annual leave. However my company refuse to pay and now labour Dept told my company that annual leave should not be carried forward. Now company claim that my balance leave is only 12 days and I still have to pay that back of 1 month salary, so I am now get confuse and would like to seek for your advice. Thank you
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13/09/2009 22:59:42
According to EA, you have to give 6 weeks notice for employment of 2 years and above but below 5 years. As for the annual leaves carried forward you claim that you are entitled, let's check whether the accumulated annual leaves have been stated on your pay slips which can serve as a proof of the total no. of annual leaves that your employer owes you. Or as the last resort, you may get your colleagues from HR or your direct superior to be your witness to Labour Department.
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