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12/09/2009 11:17:02

sorry it been a long time since i visited this site coz so busy at work.

@ KL Siew and frans your reply is highly appreciated of my previous thread.

i really cant find the exact salary case goes like this.

i am a bachelor degree holder. i work in this company with the starting salary of RM800 basic + RM200 allowance. For me so very low, i strive until 8 months thereafter as they set me as probationary. then they make it RM1,200 basic + RM500 allow...during my 1 1/2 yrs of service they didn't give me over time pay wherein sometimes I need to work until 12 midnight and even holiday coz a lot of work and don't have enough staff..don't have any pay..I understand that..but at the end of the year, last december 2008. I'm really expecting for any bonus or incentive, sad to say even a single cents they didin't give me..I ask my boss regarding this matter, he told me that i need to make them satisfy of my work. I was laugh to my self coz im working like a multi-player. I am the one who always train their new staff, who so very difficult to be trained..Then, when my contract finish they didn't allow me to go back coz they said they still need me..I love also my work and I am willing to help them until their company will establish.

Now my query is..

1. Is my salary ( RM1,200 basic + RM500 allow ) as Admin Coordinator is on range in Malaysia Salary Rate?

2. Really i don't have the right to claim any OT pay or PH pay as per my boss told me?

Honestly, im a foreign here but i treat it as my second home and honest to goodness im working here in a good faith..I can find other job after this but i need to stay first and help the company and the staff here.

Hope someone can clear up my question.
Thanks in advance for any reply.
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KL Siew
12/09/2009 14:12:03
1. There is no law providing salary scales for employees in this country. It is more on willing buyer willing seller basis.

2. Although there is no law like the Employment Act providing minimum terms and conditions of service for employees with salary more than RM1500 per month, there is nothing preventing the employees like you from negotiating for better terms and conditions including overtime work and public holidays, sick leave, annual leave and so on.

Since as you said, you could find another job with not much problems but wanted to stay to help the company, then you may have to bear with it first until you decide to to go when the time is right.
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14/09/2009 08:03:15
@ KL Siew thanks for the reply

Yah your right that i need to bear it first until the end of my contract.

It sad to say that they cheat me regarding my OT and PH..For my entire years of servicing them they didn't pay it. I never thought that they give me a false information that in my salary rate is not allowed to claim any OT..

But its ok atleast now I know that they are deserving to have my long time service as they want from me.

Thanks a lot.
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