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10/09/2009 22:12:35
Re: Unlawful contract?

I was recently employed in a company which has a six month probation period but I cannot leave the company even with early notice as I will be bound by the one year contract scheme. According to the scheme, If i resign within the said one year, I will be required to reimburse the company all costs which include all training allowance/salary paid to me from the date of commencement until the last day of my service. I have not sign the contract yet. I was surprised upon reading the contract. Is such contract legitimate in the labour law?
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KL Siew
12/09/2009 09:09:35
It is a good thing you read the contract first and have not signed it. If you are not happy with the terms, negotiate with that company further to get better terms. If you cannot get what you wanted, you better think twice. You don't want to fight a court case with them later.
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