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10/09/2009 00:39:18
Re: forced to resign

I was forced to resign by my employer, reason being I do not fit to the company target sales since last 3 year. I was very willing to work on my tasks, and I do not see this is fair to me as long as I am performing working 6 year + at there. After constant reasoning with employer, they insist that I must resign within one day (end of 31 December).

I forced to resign by employer with immedite effect without any compensate?

Can the Labour Law protect me ? MY CASE IS FORCED RESIGNATION ???? Can I get the compensate by company after 2 years resign????
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KL Siew
10/09/2009 10:15:32
You mean you resigned two years ago and now want to ask for compensation from the company? If so, I think you better get up the idea. The time limit in the Industrial Relations Act to file complaint is 60 days from date of dismissal.
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