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08/09/2009 15:32:04
Re: require of long working hours even day off

Dear sir/madam

I would like to check with you for the following:

Actually I am a Finance Manager with the basic pay more than RM5K and have to do an accountant job during month end closing. My company is a MNC and basically even during Chinese New Year or other public holidays, I will have to work to do the closing and prepare management reports. I have only 3 working days to do closing and management reports that are really tight and I always have to work overtime to complete everything. Recently, the group management has required us to close the account and complete management reports by 1 and half working days.

My question are :
i) Am I still fall in the Employment Act 1955 with my basic pay?
ii) If my appointment letter mentioned about my working hours (including stated Monday - Friday start work at 9am - 6pm and Saturday off), am I protected under 60A? Employee shall not be required to work for more than nine hours or forty-eight hours in one week?
iii) Do you have any other advise, what can I do to protect my right?

Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely
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08/09/2009 21:26:22
I believe that most of the accounts/finance managers out there are working on tight schedule and experiencing the same pressure as you are. The answer is 'no' for (i) and (ii). As for (iii), in order to cope with the relatively tight schedule requested by the management, you may request to hire additional staffs in your dept.
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