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08/09/2009 15:18:53
Re: Salary calculation

My husband is monthly rated RM1400 per month but the employer didn't give him an appointment letter. He taken 1 day upaid leave on saturday because he not confirmed yet. His employer deducted his salary for 2 days including sunday based on 26days.

His salary paid based on no of day working only, not paid on rest day, but I don't understand why his salary deducted again on sunday since the employer did not pay his salary on sunday. Can I ask my husband complain to labour dept.
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08/09/2009 21:06:44
It is absolutely unfair to deduct 1 day salary on sunday if it is not a working day to your husband. Let's file a complaint at Labour Dept. Note that 26 days used for the calculation of daily wages is a provision by Employment Act, not necessarily the actual working days for the month.
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