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07/09/2009 17:59:00
Re: Public holiday for Hourly Worker

Hi Siew,

I would like to check with you on this:

If hourly worker paid RM 5 per hour. If he worked on 31 August, so his pay will RM 10 per hour or RM 15 per hour?

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KL Siew
07/09/2009 20:12:52
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08/09/2009 01:05:13
Hi Siew, isn't it RM10 refering to "twice the ordinary rate" stated in EA Sec.60D(3)(a)(i)&(ii)?
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KL Siew
08/09/2009 08:55:58
Hi CK, must note the words in that section " addition to the holiday pay he is entitled to ...."

(i) in the case of employee employed on a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or other similar rate of pay, be paid two days' wages at the ordinary rate of pay; or

If RM10 is true for working on PH, then working on rest day will only be RM5, no different from working on ordinary days. It cannot be, isn't it?
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09/09/2009 14:45:24
It makes sense. Thanks!
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