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07/09/2009 08:36:10
Re: Leave deduction for resignation

Good day. I have tendered my resignation letter to my company with effect on 27/08/2009, so by default my last day would be on 26/09/2009. I have a 14 days of annual leave. I have taken 10 days of leave. If deduct the 4 days leave, my last day should be on 22/09/2009. But the HR informed me that the annual leave should be pro-rated since I only work until Sep. Therefore, the leave I'm entitled is 10 days only. So, I'm informed that I don't have any leave for deduction & my last day would be on 26/08/2009. Is this true? Please advice. Thanks.
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KL Siew
07/09/2009 12:50:19
If the 14 days annual leave entitlement is for the year 2009, then your HR is correct.
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