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04/09/2009 17:08:15

What is the difference between normal employment and sub-contractor agreement?
If under subcon agreement, can the company control the attendance of the subcontractor by require him to punch card?
Any misconduct by the subcontractor, can the company issue warning letter to him?
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KL Siew
04/09/2009 18:13:20
You did not say a sub-contractor for what, for labour or for other services? It is not uncommon for companies, factories or rubber estates to give out part of the work like packing, cleaning, sweeping, tapping and so on to sub-contractors to supply workers for the work. When a sub-contractor of labour sends a gang of workers to a factory to work, the presence of the sub-con is essential as he has to supervise them. Furthermore, the agreement entered into between the parties will sure have clauses pertaining to attendance and the disciplinary matters. Anyway, take a good look at the contract or agreement and the answers may be there.
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