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04/09/2009 12:11:56
Re: Unpaid Leave


I have 3 days unpaid leave last month. My company calculated using this formula : basic/22 (5 working days per week) X no. of unpaid leave). I check with the HR department, she told they used to practice by using this formula (No matter probation or confirmed staffs) Can I know what is the actual calculation for unpaid leave? should it be : basic/no. of days in the month X no. of unpaid leave? My pay is above 1.5k. What is the actual calculation in EA?

If they deducted by using this formula, am I consider getting monthly basis or daily basis employee?

Please help.

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KL Siew
04/09/2009 17:35:37
If you have gone through this forum, you would have come across all sorts of formula like using number of days of the month, 26 and 22 and so on. The best for you to do is to get an official opinion from the Labour Department. Do update us for our benefit when you got an answer from them.
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07/09/2009 13:43:01
Okay. Thanks!
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Confused girl
06/11/2009 10:24:58

One staff taken UNPAID LEAVE from 6/11/09 (fri) to 18/11/09(Wed).
What he does, he aply on 6/11/09(fri) = 1 day, 9/11/09(mon) to 13/11/09(fri) = 5 days & 16/11/09(mon) to 18/11/09(wed)=3 days. So, total is 9 days. What i understand, if UNPAID LEAVE, he must apply 6/11/09 to 18/11/09 = 13 days (includes sat & sun). So, his salary will not be paid for 13 days and not 9 days. Sir please justify, need comfirmation.

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