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unfair dismissal
04/09/2009 00:58:08
Re: forced to resign

Hello, I was forced to resign by my employer, reason being 'I do not fit into the company culture'. I was very willing to work on my tasks, and I do not see this is fair to me as long as I am performing. After constant reasoning with employer, they insist that I must resign within one day.

I do not agree with them. Can the Labour Law protect me? I will not want to be forced to resign upon grounds of not fitting into company culture, as long as I can deliver my tasks well.
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04/09/2009 07:46:44
I don't see how they can force you to resign.

Resignation is your choice alone.

If they want you to leave then they have to dismiss you.

That said I would belooking for other employment as I wouldn't want to work for a company like that and you life will probably be very difficult if you stay.

Ask them to put their request for you to resign in writing so that you have evidence of it. I bet they change their minds.
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04/09/2009 16:22:19
The management might have their reasons to say you are not fit for the job. If they ask you to resign by indemnifying you with 1 month salary, it is worth to consider. But if not, you may just wait for them to dismiss you with an indemnity. Anyway, let's start looking for other job.
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