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03/09/2009 14:11:17
Re: 24hrs Notice of Resignation

Hi There,

I've been under probation period for 3mths and requires 1mth notice of resignation. Unfortunately due to my health problem, when complete my 3mths probation then i resigned with 24hrs notice instead of 1mth.

I would like to know the calculation since i also have OT during my last month of service and my salary is ~2K.

Do i entitle to get pay for the last month of the service?
Or else i need to pay the company.
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03/09/2009 14:18:07
*amendment: Supposed to give 2weeks notice not 1mth notice as above note.

Hi there,

I just resigned with 1 day notice instead of 2 weeks. My salary is RM2000++. I was on 6days MC before I resign. Can i know the calculation because i was working there completely one month. Do i still get paid for that particular month? Do i need to pay them? If yes, how would be the calculation.

Thanks in advance.
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03/09/2009 22:58:15
Did you request for 1 day notice or it was suggested by the management?

If it was your request for 1 day notice and being approved by the management, it implies that you are released earlier without being paid the extra 2 weeks salary. But the company shall deduct the salary for the 6 days ML out of your final month salary, as there is usually no paid sick leave during probation.

If it was the management's suggestion to release you with 1 day notice, the company shall pay you 2 more weeks salary with the deduction of salary for the 6 days ML.

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07/09/2009 12:47:59
i think ck has given a wrong info. The company should pay the 6 days MC regardless the staff confirmed or not. MC entitlement cannot be pro-rate as well. Unless the staff already taken 14 days MC before this 6 days MC.

Can you please advise, Mr. Siew
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08/09/2009 00:51:54
There is usually no paid leave (including medical leave) during probation, unless specially granted by the management. Although there is usually no paid medical leave during probation, most companies do offer medical claim to employees under probation. Therefore, the salary of the 6 days ML in this case is deemed to be deducted.
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08/09/2009 14:03:29
the employer MUST pay the 6 days MC
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