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Lewis Tan
03/09/2009 11:44:55

Situation is company as 3 signatory, 2 already sign payment for staff salary but 1 signatory refuses to sign on ground that he is accusing staff of doing work that are not for company (legal letter was given to staff but staff have replied to deny all alegations). Company's lawyer already filed for injunction to compel that 1 signatory to sign but lawyers says takes about 2 weeks to get judgement... by that time our cars would already be repossed and finance charges for our credit cards plus festive season coming...
Called Labour office, they say employer have till 7th of the following month, but wait till2 weeks before make report. After make report, wait another month to get decision.. by that time we would have died of hunger or killed by Along...
What should we do? Do we still have to come to work?
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KL Siew
03/09/2009 14:00:38
To answer your question "Do we still have to come to work? ", I would say yes, you better fulfill your part of the contract i.e. to come to work. Is it about your August salary? Try to resolve the problem amicably as there is still time. Forget about that "court injunction" stuff. It will cost you dearly for sure but with not so sure result.
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16/09/2009 12:20:04

My company has decided to fire an employee due to her working attitudes. She is still under probation period. She only came 5days out of 10 working probation period. But now she still demand to have her salary. Do i need to pay her according to Labout Law?
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