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ek lee
03/09/2009 10:04:31
Re: dissatisfied employee performance

Dear Mr Siew,

I have a staff who is at Senior executive level reporting to me apparently.
However, his performance is not up to satisfactory level. Besides that he has some attitude problems.
After checking with my superior, i found out that staff has medical problem, which is having depression(no solid proof related to work pressure). He is on medication for quite some time according to the communication with his wife.
Since he can't deliver his job,i have refered him to HR for further action.
What do you think of the options available under Labour law?
Can the company terminate him if he is proven cannot deliver his job? Any violation?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
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KL Siew
03/09/2009 13:21:59
You have done the right thing by referring the case to HR. Let them tackle the problem. That guy really needs some good counselling and help. Without knowing the facts, I really don't want to speculate on the type of actions that can be taken.
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03/09/2009 23:12:01
I rather regard his job performance and health problem as separate issues. It is the fact that his job performance is not up to expectation, even if he is in a perfect state of health, it is his obligation to prove to the management that he is best fitted in his designation.
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ek lee
04/09/2009 14:43:44
Thanks for your feedback!
He is treated under Psychiatrist, even though he is not claiming through the company panel hospital.
I get to know this from his wife.
CK is right, health problem and performance issue are seperate issues.
Apparently HR is getting opinion from socso to put him on socso claims and he need not come to the office.
So you think socso way is workable based on your experience in handling this issue?
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04/09/2009 16:37:45
Honestly, I never come across any case associated with psychiatric problem that managed to claim SOCSO. Will appreciate if you can update me on the outcome.
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