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04/02/2009 15:13:22
Re: HR

i am new to HR department and have no experience in this field.

if i were to join this department, please advice what shall i do in order to well-equipped myself and be more professional in this HR dept?

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KL Siew
04/02/2009 16:05:31
Well, you will have to learn as you go along. There is no shortcut. You may read through the questions raised by our readers here. There are all sorts of problems.
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05/02/2009 10:38:09
Hi, Welcome on board. HR as the name sounds, dealing with human so u must be prepared to handle staff matters which can be very complex some times. One major thing i learn is don't advice staff unless you're triple sure of the answer and itís in line with your policies and you have your superior support because staff sometimes can manipulate the answer and your personal opinion can be taken as department/ company's stand. Careful. Otherwise it's a rewarding field to work in as you can really learn a lot of stuff and furthermore u can really understand why management does certain things certain way.
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