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01/09/2009 07:11:35
Re: No off for 3 weeks continuosly

Hi, i urgently need an advice..I've been working in a sales line for this new company for 2 months plus.I have perfect attendance record and i even hit my personal sales target even though i'm new.The problem is, since this is Raya season, we are not allow to take any rest/ offdays for 3 weeks continuosly to get more sales for the company and no OT at all except if i hit my daily sales target which is RM6K a day. This means i need to work 12 hours retail hours in a mall selling jewellery for 3 weeks in a row non-stop.They even cancel all offdays starting yesterday which i already bought movie ticket to watch with my family and they ask me to give the ticket away.
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KL Siew
01/09/2009 11:25:08
1. It is alright for them to require you work like that during rush season but they must compensate you for it. Since you are new, ask the staff who have been with company longer about such practice and what sort of compensation the employees will get. It just cannot be working for nothing.

2. Since you know the rush season is on, plan you family activities. Do not let work interfere with them. When we work for people for a living, very often work should come first.
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