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31/08/2009 23:02:30
Re: Unethic

I have realised there are people who could survive in the company for very long time because they know how to play politic very well,they purposely making your job difficult for those new comer,for those not in their"ship" they might missused their power or using the system to make people difficult to perform their job like uable to use the system to do the job then at last those people have no choice then are forced to leave the job by themselves.Most of the people they are just felt miserable and decided to leave the job.

They also try to split the people by simply creating storry by using difference races to play their chess....Poor employee would have thinking those people who being used as a chess member are bad people and hate them for no reason.

Sometime they might purposely arrange in such situation that you are the only one are forced to handle so many things but normally it wasn't done in such a way then put under unnecessary pressure so that you have to resign.

Worst thing is by sending their 'gang" to ask some common question and the purpose is to highlight to you and insult you or ask their "gang" to ask you so that they could learn from you.Besides, using the "gang" to spy how you do the job like using IT people to share your work to other people without your knowledge.

If let say they have done something wrong then they just hide it/ pushing their responsiblity away because they have their "gang"to work together to hide it.

Besides,they would purposely find fault on others so that they could climb up higher.
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01/09/2009 00:46:08
This is a very common complaint that people make everyday and everywhere. In reality, everyone is a salesperson in his/her job irrespective of what post he/she is in. In order to succeed at work, the first challenge is to "sell" yourself to your colleagues and superior by understanding their expectation on you, and "package" yourself accordingly in order to be "needed" by others. That's how some doctors or lawyers manage to become famous though they might not be the best in their professions. Note that good EQ and open communication are the key to good inter-personal relationship.
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01/09/2009 22:30:57
I am suggesting government to add the ethic law in the labour law.
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