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30/08/2009 16:08:42
Re: absent

hi C.K see u again here.last friday i went to see HR MANAGER,I try to find up ABSENTS is actually for what???she just answer me because i frequently taking E/L AND UNPAID i need ur help ABSENTS IS FOR WHAT?coz i still have my annual leave balance.if not also i will take my unpaid leave.but here,my HOD ALREADY SENT MY LEAVE FORM AS ABSENT.AND SHE WRITE THERE,BECAUSE MY LEAVE IS NOT GRANTED BY HER.WHAT EVER ALSO SHE RECEIVED MY CALL REGARDING I CANNOT COME TO WORK N I ASKING FOR E/L FROM HER.i apply leave on 26/8/09,for 27/8/09-28/8/ come she can said she not granted my is she hv power to do that?even i talk to HR manager my son school closed order by ministry also,she still said i m working operating theatre,if i am going for leave theatre not enough staff to running.actually i find up from my friends,due i taking leave theatre still can running even 3 staff off on that day.what do u think..regarding of this,i should complaint about my HOD or not,coz she doing her own rules now.after i come back to work i saw my friend apply leave,she apply on 28/8/09 for 29/8/09.this is what rules of her.where i suppose to complaint about her.because if complant her to matron also,matron will said the same thing,theatre not enough staff..can u tell medetail about absents or not,it is i am wrong or my HOD wrong regarding absents.really need ur help because i cant stand with her own rules.pls im waiting for ur reply,

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30/08/2009 23:01:29
Your leave application is subject to the approval of your immediate superior. Apart from your remaining annual leave, your superior might also take into account the manpower allocation before approving your leave application. In your case, your HOD has the rights to reject your leave application though it sounds cruel to you. But since this case involves the order from the Ministry to close the school due to the manace of the deadly influenza, you shall consult Industry Relations for their advice. Pls update me on the outcome.
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09/09/2009 05:41:08
i have go to tenaga kerja dan sumber manusia i ask for their advice,after,the officer i talk to ask me to write letter to my HR MANAGER.Regarding my absent.and also i can make a complaint to them.and now i am waiting for our HR MANAGER respone to this letter from me.tq ck for helping me a lot.
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