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28/08/2009 11:25:28
Re: tender during maternity

if a staff who is on materniy leave, tender resignation should we pay her? her notice period is 1 month.
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KL Siew
29/08/2009 08:42:13
I think she may have to forgo her one month's maternity allowance. Check with the Labour Department.
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04/09/2009 14:36:25
I feel that someone on maternity leave, should come back to work then only can tender her her resignation.

As per EA1995, It shall be an offence for her employer to terminate her services or give her notice of termination of service during her confinement period."

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05/09/2009 17:40:48
The clause you quoted refers to the statutory provision that protects the expected mothers from being sacked during maternity leave. Whereas the question posted here by Rina refers to the resignation by an expected mother.
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