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Ms Teh
28/08/2009 09:40:35
Re: New staff on MC

I have a new staff joined 01-Aug-2009, she worked for 18 days then was on MC from 19 - 22/Aug, promised me will report to work on 23rd but failed to turn up. 24th was absent also. 25th her off day. 26 & 27 absent again without informing her department head. 28th she called up saying want to come for work and claimed that she was sick and she got MC for those days which she was absent. She's rank & file staff with basic salary of RM400. What actions shall i take?
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28/08/2009 10:51:44
You shall issue her a show cause letter on the ground that she failed to inform her HOD of the absence. Then ask her to show the MC that she said she has. If she has a MC to show, warn her that the uninformed absence over the few days can cause her to be terminated, and don't repeat the mistake in the future. But if she doesn't have a MC to show, you can terminate her based on EA Sec.15

"2) An employee shall be deemed to have broken his contract of service with the employer if he has been continuously absent from work for more than two consecutive working days without prior leave from his employer, unless he has a reasonable excuse for such absence and has informed or attempted to inform his employer of such excuse prior to or at the earliest opportunity during such absence."
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Ms Teh
28/08/2009 14:06:58
Noted. Thanks CK.
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