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27/08/2009 09:59:51
Re: Show Cause letter

I gave a show cause letter to one of my worker and he need to reply after 3 days. Is 3 days enough for him to explain his reason?

If he ignore or no explanation, what can I do? Can I issue a warning letter to him? Thank You
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KL Siew
27/08/2009 11:36:08
In your show cause letter, didn't you mention the consequences of his not responding to the letter after 3 days?
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11/07/2011 13:18:43
Warning Letters

Dear KL Siew,

My colleague has issued 3 warning letters to a contract staff with regards to his absenteeism. But in the warning letter, there is no clause mentioning that the contract staff need to give the written expalination to the company as why he has been absent.

Now, since warning letters has been issued, and company wanted the contract staff to be terminated, can I proceed with Domestic Inquiry?

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