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25/08/2009 22:30:11
Re: Suspension

Employees who are outside the scope of the EA 1955, can we suspense them with half (1/2) pay pending DI ?

I have been getting different opinions. Some said that I can suspense the employee with half pay and the other said suspense with full pay.

Two years ago, I handle one case where we suspense the GM with half pay and my boss said it is not wrong to suspense with half pay even the GM is outside the scope.

Please advise.

Thank you

The employee salary is above RM2,500/- per month
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KL Siew
26/08/2009 09:38:24
14(2) For the purposes of an inquiry under subsection (1), the employer may suspend the employee from work for a period not exceeding two weeks but shall pay him not less than half of his wages for such period;

Although the Employment Act is not applicable, there is nothing to prevent you from using Section 14(2) that as guide to back you up. With that, others may be reluctant to contradict you.
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