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25/08/2009 09:15:51
Re: Unpaid Leave

Just to ask, is it possible to take a week unpaid leave? I have no more annual leavd left as my company ask us to take compulsory leave during raya for one week. Is it any law stated the maximum umpaid leave one can take?
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KL Siew
25/08/2009 11:11:38
This problem always comes whenever there is a festive season. I have been asked this question again and again. In this type of situation, some will be more than happy to have a few days to celebrate with pay or without pay. Some will say "I don't celebrate the festival, why should the employer force me to take leave?" I used to tell those who were not happy about the arrangement to follow the majority. When the majority have no problem, you just follow. When there was not problem with such arrangement by the company in the past, just follow the past practice.

Apart from this, you may consult the Labour Department.
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