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24/08/2009 23:27:40
Re: EPF during probation period

Under the labour law, is an employee entitle to EPF contribution during the probation period? Or it is depends on the policy of companies?
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KL Siew
25/08/2009 08:56:00
It is from the very first month of employment. I suggest you read Section 45(2) of the EPF Act quoted below:

(1) Except where otherwise provided in this Act, the employer shall, in the first instance, be liable to pay both the contributions payable by himself and also, on behalf of and to the exclusion of the employee, the contributions payable by that employee; and for the purposes of this Act contributions paid by an employer on behalf of an employee shall be deemed to be contributions by the employee.

(2) Contributions payable by the employer for himself and on behalf of the employee under subsection (1) shall be paid in respect of the first and subsequent months' wages.
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