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24/08/2009 20:38:58
Re: Ill treaten by employer

Hello sir. I've went through all articles under foreign workers and still i hv some doubts to clarify. Hope you can assist. My friend is a foreign worker who works in a local hotel and i think hes been ill treatened as he was told that he has NO OFF day at all.. so dont hv to dream about 8 days min annual leave. Since he started to work since 2 months back, he had not taken any offday. So works till he fall sick, then only he could take MC. So my question is :

1) Since the Employment Act does not distinguish between local and foreign workers my friend should be protected under this EA. Whats the difference between EA 1955 and Sarawak Labour Ordinance ?

2) In most articles, you advise us to check or report with local labour dept when theres issues or complain. But i understand from the other employees that this co hv "good relationship" with local labour dept. And they can easily do "under table stuff". Does that mean my friend will be victimised continuously ? any other way to help or solve this problem ?
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KL Siew
24/08/2009 21:18:03
1. The Employment Act is for West Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak have their own law called the Sabah Labour Ordinance and Sarawak Labour Ordinance respectively. Basically, they are similar to the Employment Act.

2. Don't believe in what others said. Go personally to the Labour Department, talk to them and find out more yourself with an open mind. However, the foreign worker must have valid work permit to work for the employer and not those freelance illegal workers. The Labour Office is the only way to solve your problem.
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