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Miss Yapp
23/08/2009 10:06:30
Re: Salary deduction (Pls advice)

Q. Company got right to deduct our salary with their own reason?
A) It depends. For example, if you are on company loan, or have been paid commission in advance, the company shall deduct the repayment / excess out of your final salary.

Hi, regarding to the above Q&A, i have some question. If the company deducted my salary due to i did not complete my work or no proper handover. But in fact i already submit 1 month notice and the company only ask somebody take over my task on my last day. FYI, impossible to finish all the work. Is that make sense if the company deduct my salary due to this matter? (The reason i asked cause they did mention want to deduct my salary due to this matter.)

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25/08/2009 16:52:53
It sounds unfair. They should deduct your salary unless you are "contracted" on an individual project basis rather than as a permanent staff. Do confirm with HR whether the deduction is made for that purpuse rather than merely based on your assumption. In the meantime, let's settle as many on hand jobs as possible in order to leave in good faith.
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ms lee
07/09/2009 10:08:57
my ex-company was deduct my salary onces I late half hour. besides, the company calculation is divide 30 days and times the day u work. Is that make sense of this matter?
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