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22/08/2009 00:51:05
Re: Show Cause Letter

I'm IT personal in a company. I purchased an LCD monitor for my company server and place it in the server rack. last week I found that the server room was unlocked. I went in the server room and found the monitor was missing. I immediately report to the Security dept.

actually the sever room key is under security control. anyone who wan to access will get the key from security and have to sign in and sign out in a log book. there are 3 departments including IT will access the room because our server room is combine with PABX and astro cable TV.

thefore, I also don't know when it goes missing because I seldom access the server room.

My management gave me a show cause letter mentioned that I'm fully responsible for the missing monitor & asking for my explainations. if not they will institute appropriate action against me. please advice. thank-you
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KL Siew
22/08/2009 10:33:19
It is not unusual for smaller companies to entrust everything to a trusted employee, just like your case. Security and inventory procedures are not followed strictly. If everything went on smoothly, there would be no problem. Should anything go wrong then the witch hunt would start. In your case, if I were the management, I would also go for you as you were the one who purchased the item, the one who put the item in the server room and the one found it missing. There may be log book keeping records of those who took the room key from security, but when you question them, they might just say "what monitor, never saw one." I think it is best for you to judge whether there was any lapse on your part. If you think there was, own it up and suggest how to solve it. Sometimes, it is counter productive trying to shift the blame on others.
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22/08/2009 13:59:22
Was the server in use yet before it gone missing? Do find out the server down time as it might be crucial to the server missing time. You will be proven innocent if you can show them the server log record that the server was still on the moment you left the server room. Besides, the party to be liable should be the security dept rather than you. As there is no admittance and exit without their permission.
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