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C.H. Ching
22/08/2009 00:36:41
Re: Labour Law Issue

Hi Sir,

I have some questions about Malaysia labour law like :

1. If the Company shut down, how much they should compensate the employee? or given 2 months notice?
2. Is that really compulsory for Company to prepare an OFFER LETTER or CONFIRMATION LETTER under labour law act?
3. What is the minimun ANNUAL LEAVE that employee are entitle?
4. Is that really compulsory for employee claim Company for MC?
5. if the employee is foreigner workers, will he/she cover under the malaysia labour act.?

I need a lot of guidance pertaining this issues. Thank you.

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KL Siew
22/08/2009 20:27:31
Since you wanted a lot of guidance, I would suggest you do some reading yourself . You will learn more this way.

1. Read the Employment (Termination and Layoff Benefits) Regulations at
2. Read the Employment Regulations at
3. Read Part 12 of the Employment Act at
4. When you are free go through the forums, you will find the answer.
5. You also can find the answer in this forum. Go through the queries by the readers and you will find it.

One more tip for you. If you go the "forums" in the website and search with words like "foreign worker" and so on, you will get plenty of info on foreign worker.

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